We provide "EDGARization" service on all forms required to be filed with the SEC. This process involves conversion of various document files (Word, Excel, PDF, RTF, etc) into searchable HTML formatting. The SEC has been using the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval) system since 1993 to provide the financial community with transparent information through the public website. Our expertise in this process will allow all of our clients to receive clean and accurate documents to be filed with the SEC. We can manage any type of filing, from the simplest of forms to documents containing thousands of pages. We convert, review, make client edits and file on behalf of hundreds of companies. For your money, there is nobody in the industry who can do it more efficiently or accurately than we can.


Whether you are a new company and have no experience with XBRL (Extensive Business Reporting Language) or have been filing your financial statements in the XBRL format since June of 2011, our team of XBRL experts can provide all new and existing filers with the knowledge and support to complete these often complex filing. Our expertise with this interactive data allows us to provide clients with timely turnarounds and accurate information. We have no additional charges for uploading the XBRL data and can even host your XBRL interactive files if needed. We also offer some of the lowest rates in the industry for both small, shell companies and large operating companies.

Financial Typesetting

As your financial typesetter, we can create templates easy enough for your reviewers to make changes from. We typeset in MSword or QuarkXpress/InDesign to fit all budgets. Our experienced team can turnaround your documents faster to make it Printer ready. We handle anything from complex projects, such as proxy statements, tender offers, and other large-scale mailings, to "Registered Holder’s" mailings.

SEC forms we edgarize and XBRLize

  • Annual Reports (Form 10-K, Form 20-F)
  • Quarterly Reports (Form 10-Q)
  • Registration Statements (S-1's, S-11's, Form 10's)
  • Information and Proxy Statements (14A and 14C)
  • Form 6-K for foreign issuers
  • Schedule 13D and 13G
  • Section 16 forms
  • Many more...